Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Laurie Sorensen website.  Starting next week, I will be posting a blog each week on Wednesday.  I am tossing around the idea of doing one on Saturday as well.  The blog on Saturday would be centered on Flash Fiction.  This is when you, my readers give me an idea or a sentence and I write a story about it.  Until I get a few ideas to start writing the Flash Fiction, the Saturday blog will be on hold.  If you have any ideas, leave me a comment and tell me about it.  The definition of Flash Fiction to most people is a very short story with a beginning a middle and and an end.  This is generally done with words reaching 150 - 300 words.

I know that when someone comments on a blog post, it does not always leave an email address.  I have decided that there will be a small contest for the person's idea that brings the most readership and comments.  This story idea maker will recieve a small trinket from myself and my website administraotrs.  So please become a member of the site so we know who to send the gift to.  I will be contacting the winner of each weekly contest personally to thank you and get you your trinket.

The topic of each Wednesday blog will be listed on the calendar page each week.

So look back here on Wednesday for a new blog posting.  And check out the Calendar Page for new information.

The Saturday blog will not start until I have some ideas to choose from.  So start with your suggestions as soon as possible.

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