Thursday, May 31, 2012

Announcing: The re-release of Ravenwood: Night's Salvation!

I have finally gone and done it, I have delved deep into the world of Self-Publication. I have uploaded the Manuscript and book cover into, and I am once again on the fast track to selling Ravenwood: Night’s Salvation.
I didn’t do this alone, and I had wonderful help offered by R.G. Hart, D.I. Mains, Buffy Christopher and Rigel Ailur, all wonderful authors in their own right. In some form they all helped me get my book up on and Buffy is helping me to go a step further into it by getting it up on Amazon and All Romance Ebooks as well. I can tell you I have the most awesome friends.
That being said, the book is available right now on and will soon be available on and All Romance Ebooks soon too.
Here is the link to get it…(Notice the slight change in the book cover)

Ravenwood: Night's Salvation, an Ebook by Laurie Sorensen
Night Ravenwood finds a destiny he didn't know was his with Satine, the woman he is set to wed. While tragedy strikes the couple, it only serves to make their love stronger. Someone doesn't want them together, and is willing to do anything to see they don't remain a couple.
Now I will be releasing all of the Ravenwood books in this fashion. I am still actively seeking publishers for two of my works that are finished and polished, so we shall see how that all ends. But for now, you can get the first book in the Ravenwood series on

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