Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tentative Release Date

Ok guys and gals, friends and family, I have a tentative re-release date for Ravenwood: Night's Salvation. June 13th. Yes, that's just around the corner I know. I am loving ecah and every step of this journey I am on, though it is a lot more work than I anticipated. I have turned in my final version (I hope) of the line eidts. Ravenwood has been sent to the executive editor for the final ok that all editing on it is done. Once that happens, it then goes to the copy editor, and truthfully, all this is fairly new to me and I am just not sure what copy edits entail or even how long they take. I have also filled out the author input worksheet for the cover artist to draw inspiration from and hopefully I will have a new book cover to be proud of soon. Once I get it and get the ok that it will be the ACTUAL cover, I will certainly post it for my fans to enjoy.
I have created a Facebook Fan page for myself, and all you have to do is visit it here - http/!/pages/Laurie-Sorensen/115077118573644 and then at the top of the page, hit like. It's a relatively new page and I am still building my fan base. If you like my work, share my links with your friends. I am also on facebook as Laurie Sorensen and you can click that here - http/!/profile.php?id=100000266069222 Please feel free to check them both out.
Another bit of wonderful news is that one of my most favorite authors and a major inspiration to me, Catherine Coulter has agreed to read my book and maybe provide me with a cover quote for it. I believe to my soul that nothing could possibly be more amazing than that.

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