Thursday, May 31, 2012

Help required, Titles needed for three books

Ok, this is how it is…I am working on the prospect of buying a cover for each of the Ravenwood series books that will be coming after Night’s Salvation…there is a total of 5 books in the series. I have a cover for Night’s Salvation already, and I have a title for the second book in the series and that is Storm’s Destiny.
Paula has given me these suggestions for the next books in the series…and I have to say that I really like her suggestion for book 5…and I mean I really like it…book 3 – Megan’s Dilemma and book 4 – Transformation of Jones and book five – Jason’s Legacy
Now, what I am after is this…I need titles…so the covers can be done…and I need them ASAP. The person who’s title I choose for each book with have the book dedicated to them, as well as have their own name in the book as a semi-prominent figure (good or bad your choice).
Here is a short run down of the story for each book…If you can come up with some good titles that I might like…please feel free to let me know.
Book 3) This books main female character is Megan, she is the illegitimate offspring to Sir Jason Ravenwood and a mistress he had in Scotland. She comes to England when her mother sends her there to keep her safe when the safety of anyone in Scotland is in question. Scotland and England by now are at war with one another and the battle of Culloden is imminent. Megan comes in search of her father and a life he could give her. The story will be about her coming to terms with the loss of her mother, the discovery of her father whom she has only a few memories from childhood of, and finding that one true love of her life among the gentry in England.
Book 4) This books main character is one that was first introduced in Night’s Salvation as a little boy at the bright young age of 12, Jones was his name. Without letting anyone who hasn’t read Night’s Salvation in on who he is, suffice it to say he is a prominent person in the story. This book is his, he is coming of age, and the time has come for him to do his duty, which all heir’s usually have to do at some point. He feels he isn’t ready for such a thing, and of course his bride (a child born in Night’s Salvation) is all grown up (to a point) and they are set to wed, someone doesn’t want them to wed, because they think Jones isn’t good enough for her, Pauline of course has her eyes set on him no matter what. Theirs is a love match, only the best for my characters. At the end of the book, they discover a very important bit of information, tucked away in a box, hidden in the ground. The box is uncovered during the excavation Jones started to add a wing to Ravenwood Manor. This box and it’s hidden treasure lead us into the next book.
Book 5) Now, to begin this one, the prologue will be ones having found the box from the last book…only because this book is a Prequel. Let me start this by saying that the entire time I was writing Night’s Salvation, Night’s brother Jason (the one that had died in the beginning of the book) was screaming out at me, begging me to write his and Mary’s story. So with all the Ravenwood books done, this is a prequel, and it does have a time travel basis, but that part is only a very small part of the story as the time travel happens only one time. Suffice it to say, Jason nearly runs her over in an open field with his horse, and love blossoms from there. She isn’t nobility, she isn’t even English, yet Jason the heir to an Earldom, falls helplessly in love with her, and secretly weds her. (this book will at least in some fashion explain why Jason was to have wed Satine before he died, leaving Satine to wed Night instead)
Now, That’s all you have to go on, I won’t divulge any other information about the books. I am seeking titles only. And the title has to begin like this “Ravenwood:” Please submit your suggestions, and you are not limited to any particular number of suggestion, as a comment for this note/blog. Please be sure to leave your email address as well so I can contact you if your suggestion is used. I am looking forward to any and all suggestions that come my way.

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