Thursday, May 31, 2012

Night's Salvation has now been released...awesome!

Hello Everyone!
My New book, Night's Salvation A Ravenwood Novel, has been released. You can find it here - http/ E-book only and the price is $6.50, for a full length Historical Romance.
Duty, love and passion take flight on the wings of destiny. Compelled by honor and duty, Night Ravenwood leaves his life on the sea to return home after his brother’s death. As the new heir to Ravenwood Manor, he finds himself in an arranged marriage he doesn't want. When tragedy strikes the newlywed couple, Nights realizes he’s in love with the beautiful and serene Satine. She vows to make Night understand his destiny is with her, meanwhile someone is willing to commit murder to keep them apart. Will love or murder shape the destiny of this union?
He had the distinct feeling someone had been watching him. It must be near to dinner time. He started to rise from the bed. With no coverlet over him there was a bit of a chill. Perhaps that's what woke me. As he moved to the side of the bed, he heard a small, almost inaudible gasp. It was then he realized his feeling of being watched was not his imagination. He turned in the direction of the gasp and smiled as he discovered the beautiful Satine in his bedchamber. He was naked, having not put a dressing gown on after his bath, his door was shut and Satine was there. He smiled when it dawned on him that she had been able to watch him while he slept, totally unaware of her perusal of his male body. Night was inordinately pleased by this show of boldness. Hmm; perhaps I had been wrong about the simpering fool bit, about her being afraid of my manly parts. Mayhap, she is not the cold fish I have come to expect. He smiled as he looked at her, never once thinking to cover himself from her gaze.
"How long have you been watching me?" he slyly asked her, wondering absently if she might be a pretty shade of pink in her embarrassment. After all, she had been caught in his chamber looking at him, and he had on not one stitch of clothing.
Satine looked away, but could not seem to control her own movements and turned to look at him again, her boldness reaching new heights. "Only a moment or two. Your mother sent me to wake you. Dinner will be served in a quarter hour."
She started to leave; she would have to pass him to get to the closed door. He was still looking at her and was still naked, and now a smile spread slowly across his face. Making a move toward the door, she stopped when he stood up.
His lust for her was visible, yet he did not frighten her as he thought he might. He wasn't ashamed of his nakedness in front of her. Satine's eyes were inexplicably drawn downward, where they rested on his swollen manhood.
There was a hint of her incredible eyes widening as she saw the evidence of his wanting her, but nothing close to the fear he was truly expecting. Surprised yet again, Night smiled, for she had unknowingly pleased him. He knew he was being a rogue, but he just couldn't help himself.
"Do you like what you have seen?" he asked her, smiling as she reached for the robe on the end of the bed. She tried to hand it to him without looking him in the eye.
When he didn't take the robe from her, Satine took a few tentative steps toward him. Once again she reached the robe out to him; her relief evident when he reached up to take it from her.
She squeaked in shock as he took hold of her arm instead of the robe. Pulling her close to him, she gazed into his eyes.
"I asked you a question. I expect an answer," Night said. Her face was close to his.
"Wh-what was the question, sir?" Satine stammered, obviously nervous, though her eyes never left his.
Lowering his head, he kissed her lightly, longing to taste her perfect lips. Longing to possess her in any way he could. His lips touched hers softly at the start, his tongue silently telling her to part her lips. He almost expired on the spot when her lips parted for him innocently, deepening the kiss, mating his tongue with hers in a dance far more intoxicating than even he had expected. He forgot to be gentle with her; his only thought, to possess her.
She responded to his kiss without reserve, winding her arms around his neck as she dropped his robe and arched into his body.
It numbed his mind to find that she fit him perfectly, as if she had been made just for him and no one else. They were both dazed and panting when he finally broke the kiss.
Breathless, he turned her to the door. "You should go now, before I do things I can not yet do. I will be down to dinner shortly," he told her. He opened the door and gently pushed her into the hall. Closing the door softly, he leaned against it to catch his breath. She never answered my question. He dressed, absently wondering what his wedding night would be like.
Laurie Sorensen
Author of Ravenwood: Night's Salvation

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