Thursday, May 31, 2012

Computer woes almost over

Well, I have come to the conclusion that patience is a virtue I just don't have. I have taken hold of a computer whih will allow me access to my page here, and to Facebook, Twitter, and my multible email accounts, however, I am unable to write a lick. not one word can I put to paper/computer that will help me in getting my edits done, or The Bride's Journey into a finished or rather semi-finished state. This computer almost had a stroke when I trid to put my on keyboard and wireless mouse into the system, to the point that I gave up the notion and am currently using a keyboard that skips letters on me (to the point that I am second guessing my ability to write at all) and the mouse has one of those balls in it, ancient to say the least.

So my dear readers, please hve some patience with e, while I struggle through this trying time. With luck on my side, I shall once again be working at a furious pace to get those edits in, and The Bride's Journey uploaded to in short order.  I do hope to have a new computer by this time next week.

And though Iam the most horrible speller ever planted on this earth, I hope you please take into consideration my lack of a properly functioning keyboard if you so happen to run across an error in this blog.

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