Thursday, May 31, 2012

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is something that is very dear to me. Christmas should be a happy time for all children. Whether or not they believe in Santa Claus or not, children shouldn’t be suffering in the world. And to my way of thinking, most especially they shouldn’t suffer during a time of year that is supposed to be most joyful. Operation Christmas Child is something that everyone can do, even those on a stiff budget. All you do is take a shoe box (adult sized shoe box) and fill it with things that a child might need. I will provide a list of things that can and CAN’T go into the box, making it simple for you to comply with this desperate request. I do as many of these boxes as I can, and I challenge anyone who reads this blog to do at least one box and maybe two (one for a boy and one for a girl), to be given to children around the world. The thing is, there is a DEADLINE for the boxes to be done and either sent or taken to a drop off point. The week of pick-up is November 14th through the 21st. You can find the address to send it too (even print out a mailing label) or find a drop off point to take your boxes too at the following website.
First off…here is the list of things you CAN’T put in the boxes:
 NO War related items (toy guns, knives or soldiers, etc.)
 NO Liquids (shampoo, glue, nail polish, etc.)
 NO Medicines (vitamins, cough drops, etc.)
 NO Glass or breakable items (mirrors, china dolls, etc.)
 No Chocolate or perishable food items
 No Used or worn items
Second, here is a list of things that you can include if you like.
 Underwear, socks and T-shirts
 Combs, hairbrushes,
 Toothpaste and toothbrushes
 Soap and washcloths
 Deodorant, nail clippers/files
 Drinking cup
School Supplies
 Coloring books, crayons/coloring pencils/markers
 Pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener
 Paper/writing pads
 Scissors
 Clue Stick (not liquid)
 Solar calculators
 Rulers
 Stamp and ink pad sets
General Items
 Hard candy/lollipops/mints/gum (particularly bubble gum)
 Sunglasses
 Flashlights with batteries
 Small picture books
 Travel games
 Stuffed animals
 Stickers and sticker albums
 Wind-up toys
 Slinky
 Puzzles
 Etch-a-sketch
 Play-doh
 Toys that light-up/make noise
 Musical instruments (harmonicas, flutes, kazoos, etc.)
For a boy:
 Nerf type footballs
 Soccer ball with pump
 Small cars or trucks (especially the wind-up kind)
 Legos
 Wallets
 Watches
 Baseball caps
 Yo-yos
 Paddleball
For a girl:
 Baby dolls
 Barbie dolls
 Toy jewelry sets
 Jumping ropes
 Jacks
 Hair bows/clips, etc.
 Music box
 Purse
 Stationary
 Small beauty sets (comb/brush/plastic mirrors)
ALSO, please try to include a note/card and a photo of yourself, and anchor toy (a doll or ball) and some candy in every box you prepare.
Now this list isn’t the end all be all of what you can put in the boxes, but it gives you ideas of what you can do. Nothing expensive, just something that the child can treasure. You would be surprised at how special these kids feel when they get something so simple. So please, consider making the life of a child that much sweeter by your selfless gift of a shoebox filled with joy.
I know I will, will you?

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