Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Visiting today: Kim McNiel With her recent release "Caleb"

Please make welcome Kim NcNiel, sit back, sip on your coffee, and just enjoy!

What a hot cover this is, I would read the book just from the cover, how about you? IF the cover doesn't do it for you, how about this blurb - - -

     Caleb loves the ladies and can't keep his ego in his pants. With a new set of legs to wrap around him every two nights, he never thinks about what he'd do if Sarah caught him - until she does.

     The repercussions are cataclysmic, giving him a second chance at life. Who is Caleb really? The ego or the man he professes to be? This playa plays to win.

Now how about an excerpt? I know I love a good excerpt...and I think you will to.

        Stopping at the florist on the way home, I pull in and pick up a dozen pink roses for Sarah. Yes, sucking ass big time.
Hey, if it works…then I’ll be all good. When I’m good, everyone is good. God forbid I get red roses, she’d want to run off to the fucking chapel. That isn’t going to happen to me, not in this lifetime anyways. I stroll in the house.
“I’m home babe,” I yell out, dropping the folder on the table.
“Upstairs,” Sarah yells back. I know this tone.

Now for the ultimate, here is where you can buy it...go there now and get it...you won't be disappointed.