Monday, May 12, 2008

My recommendations for Great reads

Hello everyone...

Here are a few books that I highly recommend if you are longing for a good read. Each of these books can be had online, through many fine book retailers as well as my publisher's website, Once on the website, head to the navigational menu down the left hand side, and click on ordering. this will take you to ordering page to get whatever books you long to read. Now you can also go to the releases button and find out all the great books coming out in 2008 as well. As for right is the list of books already released either in 2007 or 2008 to fellow authors---

In the Arms of the Enemy-Patricia Guthrie (Romantic suspense) D. Schultz (non-fiction)
Ravenwood: Night's Salvation-Laurie Sorensen (Historical Romance)
Rebel Dove-Linda Daly (Epic Historical Romance)
Dragon: Enter the Realm (Children's)
...And the Whippoorwill Sang-Micki Peluso (Memoir)
Fugue Macabre: Ghost Dance-C.J. Parker (Paranormal)
A Lesson My Cat Taught Me-Saul Webber (Children's)
Kingmaker-Alexey Braguine (Espionage)
Room For One More-Jane Ellen Harris (Children's)
Doves Migration-Linda Daly (Epic Historical Romance)
Never Hold Discussions With the Monkey-John Elliot (Memoir)
The Chosen One-D.L. Mains (Fantasy)
The Wilderness Road-L.G. Vernon (Historical)
Shadow Walk: The Gathering-Erin Collins (Religious Thriller)

The books listed above, mine included have been released or are about to come out ready to ship. I know all these authors and how wonderful they are. Their work is most definitely worth the read.

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Ashley Ladd said...

LOL and congrats on finding your blog. Lately, blogging's been an obsession of mine.