Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mature Eye Candy - does age REALLY matter?

In the Author forum for my publisher, Evernight Publishing, the authors toss around advice and ideas on things...and one author mentions an older hero, and would it be that lead me to this...and the eye candy that will be present...Please don't drool on your I can't afford to replace it for being said...hold on to your seats and tell me what you think of our choices of eye candy when it comes to older gentlemen...

My personal Favorite (though I wouldn't turn any of them down) - Antonio Banderas

This is him fairly recently. Yeah it's like that, don't his eyes just melt it hot in here?

Yeah, I see no difference between his younger years and the picture above, all he would have to do is look in my direction and I would lose all bodily control.

Next in line we have the always beautiful Sean Connery

In his 80's and he could still melt me with his voice alone, let alone with the way he looks.

Yeah, there is something to be said about James Bond...and right now my mind is seeing nothing but eye candy, so it is completely blank other than chest and pecks and Oh my is it hot in here?

Next in line we have yummy Mark Harmon

Who wouldn't do Gibbs from NCIS...i mean really...need I really say more?

It's like, OMG, where was he when I got married thge first time???

Next in line we have Harrison Ford

Yeah, I think Dr. Jones still has it...what do you think?

Han Solo had know he did...(secretly though I had a thing for Luke instead)

Next we have Robert Redford

Yeah, he is still hot...

Yeah he was a pretty boy, and still is.

Here we have Paul Newman

I wouldn't tell him no, would you?

Man, what a gorgeous man he is...

And here we have Daniel Graig
It's the eyes, isn't it...they just well, goodness Is it hot in here, I can't think straight.

This man will be like Sean Connery, 80 years old one day, and still looking young...I see nothing different between his pictures...

Last but certainly NOT least Tom Selleck

What's his show, The Blue Bloods?  Still beautiful...

Magnum PI was it, wasn't he?...I mean just look at him...

So you us author's, older men can be hero's too...they can still be appealing, sexy and beautiful with hardly any effort at all....There isn't a single man on this list that I would tell him no if he wanted to take me to bed...So you tell me, did I leave anyone off...if I did, maybe that will call for another to work I go...let me know what you think.

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