Monday, May 12, 2008

Where can you buy the book?

Ravenwood: Night's Salvation ISBN 10 # 0979203058
ISBN 13 # 978-0979203053

Ravenwood: Night's Salvation is a paperback book, trade sized, where it is about 9 inches tall, and about 6 inches wide, and the print in it is of a nice size, making it easily readable. It has 259 pages, and is just over 98,000 words long.

Cover Price: $16.95

If you would like a signed copy, please email me at and I will be more than happy to sell you a copy of the book, for the cover price, PLUS shipping of $3.50.

Now, it is available at several places online...and each of those places may have their own price set on it, however, the price won't ever be over $16.95. Now this place has two versions of my book, the print version and a Kindle version. Kindle is a electronic device available for seperate purchase on, used for th purpose of reading books electronically. A new trend that is becoming increasingly popular. (Books-A-Million)

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