Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Goals, getting back to me!

Well, it’s been a while since I blogger for real, I mean something other than a blog hop notification, so here goes. I am starting out the New Year with some major differences in my life. I’ve given notice at my day job. My last day of work with them will be the 12th of January. I wanted to wait until after Christmas to give my notice. The weight of the world lifted off my shoulders the day I put the notice in. The next day I got my hair cut. Something completely different, and with it came a better attitude. You see, I haven’t written a single word in any of my works in progress in over 4 months. Somehow, and I don’t know how or when, I lost who I am along the way. Writing, it is me, it is the way I breathe, the way I live my day to day life. So, that being said, I am getting back to it, to the writing. I have some heavy plans for 2013 where my writing is concerned. My goals are as follows…I plan to release the following books in 2013, in the order in which I will be listing them. At this point, I want to thank my fans for their patience and as soon as I have dates of release for each one, I will let you know.

1)      Storm’s Destiny A Ravenwood Novel Book 2
2)      The Talking Fence (young adult)
3)      Meghan’s Acceptance A Ravenwood Novel Book 3
4)      The Pirate’s Daughter
5)      Corsets and Holsters
6)      Chester the Courthouse Mouse (kids Book)

The blurbs are as follows…

The talking Fence
Blurb - A new school, again. This one in her old hometown, and she shouldn’t be wary, though she is. Walking by the fence standing in the middle of the front lawn of the school Rhiannon noticed the fence covered in writings. She slowed and noticed it was nothing more than bad things about people she didn’t even know. The year had started without her, and she made her way to the office to register. Ninth grade was scary enough without being the ‘new girl’. She meets John and is instantly smitten, but is his attraction something other than it should be? Will Rhiannon show the entire school what she is made of, or will the rest of the school population win? Only the talking fence can say for sure.

Storm’s Destiny
Blurb – Women being attacked notwithstanding, Storm Whitmore, already married and expecting her first child finds herself immersed in a mystery that threatens those she loves. Her destiny is formed by the unthinkable actions of an unknown perpetrator. Carrying a child has seemingly turned her brain to mush, at least that’s how Damon, her loving husband sees it. She moves him into a guest bed chamber until he courts her properly. At a loss of how to proceed to please his wife, Damon pays a visit to Night Ravenwood, his best friend and Storm’s brother. Tragedy strikes and the family is rocked to the core. Can they pick up the pieces and bring their destiny together or will evil win out in the end?

Meghan’s Acceptance
Blurb – Meghan joins the Ravenwood family during a most troubling time for the country of her birth. Scotland is attempting to free itself from English rule and the hostilities are heating up. Her mother sends her to England, to her father in order to help save her life. Meghan meets with a mishap that brings her in direct contact with Storm Whitmore, both of them blissfully unaware of who they are to one another. Once the initial shock subsides, Meghan discovers she has a wonderful extended family and her father legitimizes her, making it possible for the flame haired beauty to marry well, and she isn’t short on suitors. A suitor from her home country comes to her in England begging marriage, at the same time an Earl makes his intentions known to win her hand. What will she do and is her beau from Scotland in danger? Will the drawing of her home keep her from true love or will her new family be enough to keep her safe?

The Pirate’s Daughter (no book cover)
Blurb – Princess Alvilda and Prince Alf bore one child, Gurid.  The pirate’s daughter is just as wild and strong willed as her mother was. She marries a prince of her choosing, tossing away all suggestions of her parents. She comes to regret the marriage but what can she do about it? She cares for her people and becomes a queen, getting there was one adventure after another. Once her husband is out of the picture, she takes lovers. Will she find true love or is the Pirate’s Daughter destined to rule alone?

Corsets and Holsters (no book cover)
Blurb – Reformed call girl Rachael goes in search of the man responsible for killing the man she loved. Huck was shot down by a gunslinger, a few nights later the saloon Rachael worked in burns to the ground. Everyone is thought to have perished. Rachael escaped with a few belongings in a trunk that she was able to drag out of the window and down the outside stairs. Donning tight pants, a white shirt and a black lacy corset over the shirt, she sets in motion a plan to find and kill Hucks murderer. Along the way, she meets up with Greyfeather, Huck’s friend, a indian of the Cherokee Nation. Taking Huck’s pearl handled colts, she shows Greyfeather that she can handle a gun, and shows him she holds other attributes that will work to her advantage as a bounty hunter. Does Greyfeather show her the real meaning of love or is her love for Huck too powerful to throw away?

Chester the Courthouse Mouse (kids book about the court system done with Animal characters) (no book cover)
Blurb – Chester is a lawyer, and it is his job to try to defend a burgler who got caught stealing. Judge Wallawits, a mole listens to Chester and Millary the Squirel (the prosecutor) as they lay down the evidence. The bailiff, Riley Ratfield, has to bring order to the courtroom when the defendant starts trouble.

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