Saturday, June 9, 2012

Upcoming Releases

I have three upcoming releases.

Music Heals All Hearts, which is a short story that will be in an anthology put together for charity. I will be sure to post the cover, and buy links as soon as I have them.

the Blurb:
Martin plays guitar and sings for the patients at St. Vincent’s Hospital, disfigured on purpose during his teenage years, he wears an eye patch to cover an unseeing eye. While singing in the emergency room one day, Melissa is brought in screaming and in pain covering her eyes. There was an immediate connection to the woman for Martin and over the weeks of recovery that follows, they fall in love while she can’t see his disfigured face. Once her eyesight come back, he fears she will reject him, as she fears he will reject her once he sees her without the bandages covering her own scars. The fear is unfounded for both of them as they realize that music connected them in all ways and love conquers all.

The Bride's Journey, coming to you from Evernight Publishing in July (exact date unavailable)
The Cover:
The Blurb:
Slightly plump and over aged at six and twenty, Abigail Preston sits on a shelf in England, with no hope of marriage. She loses all she loves to the epidemic cholera, and to make matter worse, her father’s will stipulates she must marry within a year to inherit. Desperate, she answers an advertisement for a bride in America; Benjamin Siddle only requests that she be made of sturdy stock and resistant to cold weather. Opportunity is knocking for Abby so she travels to America to marry a man she doesn’t know in a last bid for happiness. Abigail is faced with an unknown surprise upon arrival at Benjamin’s home, what will she do? Someone is willing to do whatever it takes to stop her marriage to anyone. But does this mad man want her or her money? Can Ben and Abby overcome the obstacle’s placed in their way and find true love along the way?

Storm's Destiny, A Ravenwood Novel (book 2), coming to you through on or before September 1st.
The Cover:
The Blurb:

Someone is attacking the females around Chatnum House and Ravenwood Manor, but who can it be. Is it one person or is it a group of individuals who hate women so much as to degrade them and leave them for dead. Storm Whitmore, married and pregnant, opens Chatnum House to these women, to keep them safe while the hunt goes on for their attacker. Damon Whitmore, Storm’s loving husband, second son to an Earl, finds himself locked out of his own bedchamber in the midst of all this chaos. His normally loving wife demands that he court her properly before gaining admittance to the bedroom once more. He struggles to figure out how to court his wife, all the while looking for a man who proves more elusive than the Pimpernel. Tragedy brings shame and grief to the family, bringing on the early birth of the couple’s child or is it children? Will a house in uproar become peaceful again, or with chaos reign supreme?

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