Sunday, June 17, 2012

Music Heals All Hearts - Music Speaks Anthology released on Ebook

A new antholgy has been released as an E-book. (print will follow soon) My story, Music Heals All Hearts, is one of the 11 stories of different gnere's within the book. At a cost of $2.99, I think you wouldn't be disappointed in your purchase. ALL proceeds are going toward Musicares Foundation.

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Music Heals All Hearts Blurb:
Martin plays guitar and sings for the patients at St. Vincent’s Hospital, disfigured on purpose during his teenage years, he wears an eye patch to cover an unseeing eye. While singing in the emergency room one day, Melissa is brought in screaming and in pain covering her eyes. There was an immediate connection to the woman for Martin and over the weeks of recovery that follows, they fall in love while she can’t see his disfigured face. Once her eyesight come back, he fears she will reject him, as she fears he will reject her once he sees her without the bandages covering her own scars. The fear is unfounded for both of them as they realize that music connected them in all ways and love conquers all.

I hope all my readers will care enough to add this anthology to their collection. Enjoy.

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