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Visiting today: Kim McNiel With her recent release "Caleb"

Please make welcome Kim NcNiel, sit back, sip on your coffee, and just enjoy!

What a hot cover this is, I would read the book just from the cover, how about you? IF the cover doesn't do it for you, how about this blurb - - -

     Caleb loves the ladies and can't keep his ego in his pants. With a new set of legs to wrap around him every two nights, he never thinks about what he'd do if Sarah caught him - until she does.

     The repercussions are cataclysmic, giving him a second chance at life. Who is Caleb really? The ego or the man he professes to be? This playa plays to win.

Now how about an excerpt? I know I love a good excerpt...and I think you will to.

        Stopping at the florist on the way home, I pull in and pick up a dozen pink roses for Sarah. Yes, sucking ass big time.
Hey, if it works…then I’ll be all good. When I’m good, everyone is good. God forbid I get red roses, she’d want to run off to the fucking chapel. That isn’t going to happen to me, not in this lifetime anyways. I stroll in the house.
“I’m home babe,” I yell out, dropping the folder on the table.
“Upstairs,” Sarah yells back. I know this tone.

Now for the ultimate, here is where you can buy it...go there now and get it...you won't be disappointed.

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Piper Kay visiting my blog today

 Please welcome fellow Evernight Publishing author Piper Kay to my blog. Be sure to give her a warm welcome. I'm sure you will enjoy the lovely excerpt for her Romance on the Go Evernight release Twisted Cherry. For those unsure of what Romance on the Go is, they are stories you could read on your lunch hour, and let's face it, who couldn't use some hot romance in their lunch hour?


     Evan is hiding his urges for other men the only way he knows how--by pretending to live a life of wenching, and by seeking the needle of tattoo artists who impart a kind of guilty pain. But when he meets Gabe, owner of the Twisted Cherry tattoo parlor, he can’t hide his desire for the hot and sexy guy. Gabe, openly gay, proceeds to show Evan how he can be tattooed not just by a needle, but by stinging hot love too.


     Gabe flashes his catch sexy smile at me, as he slides his hands up under my shirt. He lifts my shirt over my head and throws it over the side of the couch. I’m now standing buck naked for the first time in my life, in front of a man. My nerves are shot.
     He guides my hands, helping me remove his shirt too. I step completely out of my pants leg that’s still around my ankle. He looks me up and down with an eat-me-up grin.
     Admiring his chest, the firmness and build of his pecs, I spread my hands across him. He’s tight and hard. The small amount of chest hair tickles my fingertips. God, this man is fucking lickable.
     Gabe wraps both arms around me, pulling me forcefully into him. The feel of our naked chests, skin to skin, hardens my dick again and there’s no way to stop it. Shit, I don’t want to stop it.
     His nipples rise into hard nubs and push against mine. Running my hands along his back, I trace the muscular curves in his back. He takes my ass into his hands, squeezing me tight, but gentle.
     He slips his hands around to my front and squats a little. He begins tracing his fingers inside my thighs, up and down, teasing.
     Gabe takes my hands and leads them to the button on his pants. He begins giving me kisses again. His tongue parts my lips, and his kisses are more tender than a woman’s. Saucy-sweet.
     I unbutton his jeans, then slide the zipper down. I can feel him under his jeans, but he isn’t hard. How does he do that? I am at full attention here. He caresses my hands. Shit, they’re shaking from nerves.
     Guiding my hands, he leads me to his waistband. Together, we slip his jeans over his hips and down his legs. He kicks his boots off and with his foot he guides his jeans off, one leg after the other.
     He pulls back from the kiss, and stands there, not moving. I stare into his eyes, lost. I gaze down his bulging chest muscles, admiring the tattoo he has located right above his belly button. It looks like a portal of some sort. I reach with my finger tips and trace it. Continuing to look downwards, past the wicked navel, I see him in all his glory. He’s fucking magnificent.
     Again, he guides my hands to him, to touch him. I’ve never touched another man. All I know is what feels good to me, so I wrap my hands around his cock like I would my own. I slowly stroke him, and he does the same for me.
     Gabe is showing me every step of this. What he does to me, I do to him. It’s like follow the leader. Unable to resist, I move my mouth to his neck, licking him. His taste is kind of like sweat on leather, but also sweet. I smell his cologne. He’s wearing Stetson, my favorite. I lick and swirl my tongue up to his ear and nibble his lobe. He moans, and I almost get off just hearing him. This is the most satisfying sound I have ever heard in my fucking life.

Personal Sites/Blogs
Facebook:                  https://www.facebook.com/piper.kay.1
Web/Blog:                  http://piperkay.blogspot.com
About Me:                  about.me/piper.kay

Amazon Links in one:           viewBook.at/B00AF0QZ6I  
Bookstrand                 http://www.bookstrand.com/twisted-cherry-mm
All Rom:                     https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-twistedcherry-1007990-145.html
RainbowBooks           http://www.rainbowebooks.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=9585

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C.R. Moss, Visiting my blog today.

 “An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic romance markets, giving readers Worlds of Possibilities when it comes to love.” Basically I write stories from the light and sweet to the dark and deadly with varying degrees of sexual heat. The bio for my other persona: Casey Moss delves into the darker aspects of life in her writing, sometimes basing the stories on reality, sometimes on myth. No matter the path, her stories will take you on a journey from the light-hearted paranormal to dark things unspeakable. What waits around the corner? Come explore…

Now for the Q & A! :)

1) Are you aware of any themes that run through your stories? If so, what are they?

My themes and subjects seem to revolve around issues about trust and commitment, sometimes betrayal, sometimes about spirituality and/or religion. Sometimes, thought, a story is just about two people meeting and hooking up without anything too deep going on. In my current release, the hero, who was a bit of a cynic before he met his gal, is just learning to trust her when she disappears and he has to find her. Then when he does, she’s in a situation that doesn’t make him happy. Don’t want to give too much away or else it might spoil some stuff. ;)

2) Will you be attending any book or writing conferences this year? If yes, which ones? Where and when?

Yep! I’m hoping to get to SoCalRWA Conference ~ California Dreamin’ in March. Then, finances permitting, the RomanceNovelConvention2013 in Las Vegas in August. In September, I’m going to KillerCon in Las Vegas and in October I’ll be a featured author at Hot Mojave Knights in Las Vegas.
3) Do you have any book signings or author appearances coming soon? If yes, where and when?

My writing partner and I are hoping to set up local signings in our city and in cities close by in AZ and CA for this year. If I have books available for KillerCon, I’m hoping to sign there and maybe do a reading. If I can make it to the RNC Convention, I’ll most likely sign there, too. And I’ll definitely be doing appearances and a signing at http://www.hotmojaveknights.com/
4) What is your best memory?

Hanging out at the dormitory bar at university in Germany after a long day, drinking German beer, smoking, listening to my favorite rock band Rush, hanging with friends and playing cards. Lots of good memories from my study abroad! Which are a tie with all the special times hubby and I have shared.

5) What is your favorite comfort food?

Anything that has potatoes in it…chips, baked, fried, tots…etc.

6) What decade has been your favorite? Why?

The 1990’s. Went to Germany. Got married. Lived in TX. Finished college.

7) What is your favorite fairy tale? Why?

Happy you asked that. It’s actually a tie…Sleeping Beauty & Beauty and the Beast. In fact the book I’m promoting today is based off of Beauty and the Beast. Not quite sure why I like them so much. I just have since I was very young.

8) What was your favorite vacation?

Tough to decide. Our first vacation to Las Vegas was interesting. Then there was the time we flew to Las Vegas for the weekend to see Rush in concert. Then after we moved to Las Vegas we took a cruise in the western Caribbean and visited Grand Cayman and Cozumel. We had a lot of fun on the cruise with my family, so that’s probably closer to first place than the others.

9) Are you a cat or dog person? Do you have any pets and if so, please tell us about them.

I like both. If our place was bigger, we’d probably get a dog again, but since we don’t have much of a yard we don’t think it’d be fair to the type of dog we’d want. So we have a cat. Black with a white patch on his stomach. His name is Marius. (After Anne Rice’s character.) He’s very vocal and very loving.

Please tell us about your most recent release and where we can purchase it. Please give us your urls and your publisher’s url.

Today I’m here to tout my latest C.R. Moss release, Lovers and the Fiend.

Lovers and the Fiend is a story in Evernight Publishing’s Naughty Fairy Tale line. The characters, Jack and Kristina, appeared in my short story – Chasing Miss Kringle – that’s in an Evernight Publishing anthology – Stockings and Suspenders. This is the first of a handful of stories I have planned for the NFT line that revolve around the world started in CMK and Lovers. You don’t have to read the anthology story to read Lovers, but it’d be nice if you did. ;)

Ex-cop turned private investigator, Jack Vorst, learns his elf girlfriend Kristina has been missing for a few days after being invited to an underground vampire club. He, too, is summoned to visit club Hexenringe and is taken captive. Jack finds Kristina bound and gagged in a human sized bird cage. They’re both thrust into a kinky world at the hands of Kol, the club owner. Kol, a vampiric beast, shifts into human form to be with Jack and Kristina and needs them to remember their pasts and to love him so he can return to what he used to be. Can Kol make the pair fall in love with him despite his current situation and the fact he’s keeping them captive or will they leave, making it too late for him to change all their fates?

Warning: ménage a trios, M/M, bondage, anal sex, sex toys, public exhibition

Purchase links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CRMoss
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CRMoss.author
Website: http://www.crmoss.net 
Blog: http://crmoss.blogspot.com/
Decadent Publishing – C.R. Moss: http://tinyurl.com/CRMoss-DecadentPublishing
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/C.R.-Moss/e/B002DBE49W
All Romance Ebooks: http://tinyurl.com/CRMoss-ARe
Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/cr-moss
Link for Casey Moss ~ http://caseymossbooks.com/

PG-13 Excerpt:

A peek into the beginning of the story…
Chapter One
I have your woman. A nice piece of ass she is, too. She tells me you’re not bad yourself. I would love for you to join us later. A car will be waiting for you outside your office at noon today where my assistant will fill you in on some details. If you know what’s good for you and your gal, you’ll take advantage of this invitation. See you soon. ~ Kol Ainmire
Jack Vorst’s temper went full tilt within a second. His blood pounded hard through his head and body. He’d told Kristina to be careful when she went out on her cases, but it seemed she still had gotten herself in trouble. Not good.
“Vic! Get in here!” Trying to check and rein in his anger before he popped a vessel, Jack grabbed the letter he’d found on his desk while going through a stack of mail and a couple of case files. The paper crinkled within his one clenched hand, and the envelope it’d come in bunched up in his other.
He kept his gaze downcast, ground his teeth. No sense in looking at the tan colored walls that were littered with stenciling in his office and be more irritated than he already was. The design and colors reminded him of the Native American beaded belts people sold at roadside stands.
Vic’s wife, Malory, who worked in the adjoining office suites, loved her southwestern motifs. All the rooms for both divisions of the business were decorated to represent Arizona and New Mexico. The decorating style with too many colors and crazy patterns made his head swim, gave him a headache. He hated headaches.
Staring at the crumpled papers in his hands, he sighed. Truth be told, Kristina’s whereabouts and her lack of checking in for several days only concerned him a little. She was able to take care of herself, and he trusted her. He loved her, wanted her to be safe, so of course he worried some. But being an elf gave her an advantage that mere humans didn’t have­—the ability to escape situations by simply disappearing and reappearing elsewhere.
Except this time.

Evernight Publishing: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/lovers-and-the-fiend-by-c-r-moss/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lovers-Fiend-Naughty-Fairy-ebook/dp/B00B5OAMPI
All Romance eBooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-loversandthefiend-1048240-140.html
Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/lovers-and-the-fiend
Find C.R. Moss here ~
Evernight Publishing – C.R. Moss: http://tinyurl.com/CRMoss-EvernightPublishing

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers?
I’m doing a giveaway! One lucky reader will receive a PDF copy of Lovers and the Fiend. All you have to do is comment and leave your name and email address to get your name in the hat for the drawing. You have until 8AM eastern tomorrow morning (2-17-13) to enter. Laurie will draw a winner who will then be contacted by yours truly, C.R. Moss. :)

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Evernight Publishing Valentine's Snippet Blog Hop

Ok hoppers….this is how it is for this blog hop. Prizes galore, all you need to do is visit each blog on the hop, read the snippets on each blog, and answer the question provided by the blog owner in order to enter to win each prize. (different prizes with different blogs)

My Prize – Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, who wouldn’t want to spice up the bedroom with a little extra fun. Fun that can be solo or even done with a partner. I am giving the following two items away to ONE lucky commenter that answers the question at the end of the blog.

Now for the snippets – I am sharing two. Answer a question for one or the other of the snippets. The buy links are provided after the snippet of each book. 

The Bride’s Journey (Coming soon to Print)

Bereft of his heat, Abby shivered slightly as she stared at the
door. What must he think of me now? I am nothing but a wanton
woman, pushing myself on a man who doesn’t know me. Oh my, what
things he made my body feel. I wanted to burn with it, yet there must
be more to it than what I was feeling. But what more could there be?
Abby entered her room. Locking the door, she leaned up
against it and sighed. Her heart was still fluttering so she took a
couple of deep breaths trying to calm her thoughts. The bed seemed to
call her name, her lids getting heavy as she made her way across the
room. Maybe a good night’s rest will clear these ridiculous notions
from my head.
She removed her robe, draped it over the end of the bed and
climbed beneath the sheets. Her night rail proved too warm. Sighing,
she got out of bed and removed it. Abby placed it on the end of the
bed with her wrapper and slipped under the covers, the cool linen
luxurious against her soft skin. She snuggled into the down feather
mattress and took a deep breath. I can almost smell him. My friends
were right, men have a most fascinating smell. The pillow she had
laid her head on smelled lightly of lavender, and her hands smelled of
Benjamin. She smiled and slipped into a restless sleep filled with
His hand reached for her, tipping her face up for his kiss.
Abby molded herself to his body, melding them into one being. She
wrapped her arms around his neck, arching her back begging for
more. Benjamin picked her up, carrying her to the bed, deepening the
kiss, eliciting small moans from the back of her throat. Never
breaking the kiss, he laid them down stroking her body freely.
Tweaking one nipple in his fingers, his lips left her mouth, blazing a
white hot trail down her neck to the other nipple. Sucking it into his
mouth he suckled there and was rewarded when she threw her head
back catching her breath. Smiling, he chanced a glance at her face
before letting her nipple go to kiss her ribs and stomach. Abby was
wriggling upon the sheets when his mouth took possession of her most
private parts. Benjamin slid his tongue through the golden brown
curls hiding her treasure and found the hard little nub that would
bring her the greatest pleasure known to womanhood. He lightly
nipped the rosy bud before delving deeper into her, stroking his
tongue up and down her moist slit. One hand stroked her while his
tongue journeyed in and out of her shaft, the other hand never having
left the nipple he played with.
Abby moaned loud enough to have awakened herself. She was
breathing heavily while one hand was stroking a hardened nipple and
the other was between her legs, soaking wet. Jerking up in bed, she
brought her hands out from under the blankets as her body, hot and
sweating, shaking. Oh my, what on earth was all that? A quick
glance about the room proved she was alone; Benjamin wasn’t there.
Gasping, she collapsed upon the pillow, her cheeks pink. She covered
herself completely before finally slipping into a restful sleep.

The Pirate Princess

“I want to see him! I want to see if he is the way I remember
him from childhood. He was so handsome then, I think I fell in love
with him at first sight. His parents brought him for a visit. I believed
we were to be betrothed, but father would hear nothing of the sort.”
“You risk too much if you attempt to see him, Princess. What
if we are caught?” Helga spoke in hushed tones. “The others are
waiting down by the postern gate. Milady, we must leave
Alvilda ignored Helga and walked quickly toward the great
hall. She simply had to see the Prince. “Just one glimpse, Helga, and
I can go.” Silently she moved down the hall, the shadows obscuring her
presence to all save Helga. Standing on tip-toe she peeked through
the narrow window and sighed at the sight of Prince Alf. His
magnificent body stood outlined by the flickering glow of the
fireplace. He had his back to her and she was able to admire the
muscles outlined by his tight fitting britches. His hair fell from his
shoulders in a brilliant blonde wavy sheen. Her heart pounded when
he swung his head to gaze in her direction. Had he seen her? She
held her breath, half-fearing discovery and half-excited by the
prospect, until he shrugged and went back to staring at the fire.
“Milady, that was too close! He felt you watching him.
Please, we need to make haste! The more time we have before the
king discovers your escape, the better our chances to be away and not
get caught. Do you want to be dragged back here to marry the
Alvilda’s eyes narrowed and her brow wrinkled. “You know I
don’t want to marry anyone. I only wanted to see him. He’s
beautiful, isn’t he?” She didn’t wait for Helga’s answer already
moving swiftly down the corridor to the kitchen. She paused long
enough to fill her leather bag with apples, bread, cheese and a full
wine skin. Making her way down the moonlit path to the postern gate,
Alvilda chanced a glance up to the castle towering behind her in the
night gloom. She spied her mother watching from her lighted
bedroom window. She couldn’t see her mother’s tears so much as
feel them deep in the core of her being. The princess touched her
heart with her right hand and made to grasp it and throw it to her
mother, a sign that her heart would always be with her. Her mother
did the same.
Turning back toward the gate, Alvilda faced over a dozen
women with their eyes on her, silently waiting for orders.
“Quickly now, no time to dawdle. Our new life begins very
soon. I’m taking one of father’s ships, and the faster we move the
sooner we can be at sea. If time is on my side, it will be late
tomorrow morning before he discovers me gone.”
The women made their way down the cliff side path to the
cove holding her father’s two ships. They boarded the smaller of the
two because it was closest to the open sea. Besides, with a crew of
inexperienced women as sailors, the smaller ship was the wiser choice.
When all the women were aboard, Alvilda manned the rudder
while the others, including Helga, took up the oars and headed out to
The princess glanced over her shoulder again and imagined
her mother still watching from her window. Once more she touched
her heart, grasped it and threw it in the direction of the castle. She’d
made good her escape. She would be her own woman. She would
answer to no one, but she would certainly miss her mother.
Will Alf be angry when he finds me gone? No matter, I’m sure
he will quickly get over the loss of me.
“We are well on our way, so keep watch and wake me only if
there is no other choice.” Alvilda slipped below decks and found her
father’s cabin. Shutting the door, she collapsed on the berth. Before
long the heat of the enclosed space had her taking everything she
wore off. Confident they would not be followed for some time,
Alvilda smiled as she lay on the bed and stretched her naked body
over the roughhewn wool cover upon the bed. He certainly was a
handsome man, far more handsome than I remember. “Just stop it, he
isn’t meant for you, no one is,” she said as she turned over onto her
stomach and fell asleep.
His hands caressed her skin, lightly skimming over her back
and across her buttocks then down the backs of her legs. Alvilda
arched her back; when she did her legs slightly spread open, giving
him easier access to the treasure covered in golden curls. One hand
slid between her legs and delved into the curls finding her most
private parts, the hard little nub hidden from the world. Stroking that
tiny button elicited a small moan in the back of her throat.
Encouraged, he rubbed harder and Alvilda drew her legs up, bringing
herself onto her knees.
Alf bent over her back, pressing his cock against her as he
grazed his fingers over both nipples before gently squeezing them
between both thumbs and forefingers. She groaned, coming up on her
knees and leaning back into his chest, then reaching behind her head
to bring him closer. Alf nuzzled into her neck, kissing the pulse he
found there, wrapping his arms around her body, his cock jumping
with the desire to plunge deep within her. One hand dipped down and
found she was wet and ready; rubbing the hard nub, Alf gently pushed
her down, giving him ample access to drive into her without effort.
He grasped her hips, his cock throbbing and so hard no guidance was
needed, and slowly he entered her, reveling in the tightness
surrounding him.
Gyrating against her buttocks, slipping in and out of her wet
heat drove him to plunge faster and deeper with each stroke. Alvilda
screamed out his name.
“Alf!” She woke on her knees with her hand between her
legs, a fine sheen of sweat marking her entire body. Weak and
shaking, she collapsed upon the bed, gasping for air and looking about
the room.
A knock sounded at the door. “Princess, is everything
alright?” Helga sounded behind the locked door.
Quickly glancing around the room once more to be certain Alf
was not in the room, Alvilda replied, “Nothing’s wrong Helga, I was
dreaming.” I think. I feel like my entire body is singing.
Alvilda heard Helga’s retreating footsteps and got off the bed,
only to discover that she seemed to be dripping some kind of liquid
down her legs. She grasped a linen cloth to wipe herself off, and as
she did so, discovered she was sensitive in her private area and
slightly sore. Confused about her present state, Alvilda went back to
the berth and lay down to sleep once more.

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The Bride's Journey Question - What did the pillow smell like when Abby lay her head upon it?

The Pirate Princess Question - At what time of day did Princess Alvilda make good her escape, and which way did she go?

Don't forget to checkout the other blogs available during the hop. Everyone will have prizes to try to win. Check them out here - "http://www.linkytools.com/basic_linky_include.aspx?id=183385

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Coming soon - Valentines Blog Hop with Evernight Publishing, Can't wait.

Coming to you from Evernight Publishing, The Valentines Snippets Blog Hop coming to you February 10th through 14th. You can win a multitude of different prizes from all sorts of different blogs...Just to give you a hint...You will be reading some hot snippets of some great books, then you answer a question about the snippets to enter for the prizes...and my prize is going to be....

A buzzing good time for some romance in the bedroom...Hey what kind of author would I be if I revealed it BEFORE the day the hop starts? LOL...Hope to have lots of new readers for my blog and all the others.

You will have to like the Evernight Facebook page as well...so get prepared...and make sure you send lots of people to the blog hop..lets get ready to have some fun ad win some great prizes.

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Welcome Author Carlene Love Flores - An Interview

Today here on Sorensen Shorts, we have author Calene Love Flores with her new release Sidewalk Flower, is this cover not just awesome, it's amazing, but then, Evernight Publishing always has awesome covers. But then, they have awesome authors come to think of it...there might be a connection there what do you think?

Buy links for the book will be added to the bottom of the post, and if you want to try to win an eBook copy of the wonderful book, be sure to answer this question “What is the best concert you've ever been to and why?” Be sure to include your email address.

Website: www.carlenelove.com 
Blog: www.carlenelove.com   
Twitter: @cloveflores
Facebook: Carlene Love Flores

The Interview ---

Welcome to my blog Carlene, lets give the readers an amazing interview ---

1) What genre do you write and why?

Carlene -  I write contemporary romance with a darker, edgier feel.  The gritty stuff is intriguing to me and most times when I sit down to write, that’s what comes out.

Laurie - I like darker and edgier and I am sure most readers do, it really takes us out of the ordinary into the splendid I think.

2) Are you aware of any themes that run through your stories? If so, what are they? 

Carlene - Sure, a theme I am drawn to is when characters have lost faith in people and the world and question whether they have what it takes to get it back.  I like to write stories that show you don’t have to be perfect to be spiritual and there is absolutely no shame in being sexy.

Laurie - That's a great theme, its the sort of story line that offers hope to the readers 

3) What would you like readers to take away from your stories?

Carlene - I’d like them to feel a touch of the intimacy that I've hopefully shared between them and the characters.

Laurie - As a fellow author, I have to say that I feel getting the readers to 'feel' the intimacy within a story line is very difficult, but I think you've done a great job of it.

4) What inspires your stories? 

Carlene - Well, this story in particular was inspired by a charity auction I won to meet and go backstage with one of my favorite bands.  The story itself is completely fictional but seeing what normal people the band and crew were behind the scenes was incredibly powerful for me.

Laurie - Now I'm jealous, I've never been backstage...it must have been awesome.

5) Will you be attending any book or writing conferences this year? If yes, which ones? Where and when?

Carlene - I hope to attend the Romance Writers of America’s national conference in Atlanta this coming July 2013.  I also stay active in my local writers association, the Washington DC Romance Writers (WRW).

Laurie - I had no idea you were so close to me. I live in West Virginia and Washington DC isn't that far from me. I also haven't attended a conference, but hope to do so soon.

6) What is your writing schedule like? 

Carlene - My daytime schedule allows me to write during the week for about four hours each day.  But the time I enjoy most is sneaking downstairs in the night after the house has gone to sleep.

Laurie - I had to giggle when I read the second part of your answer on this one. I often get up when the house is asleep just so I can have the 'me' time to write when a book has grabbed me and the scenes just keep flowing.

7) Do you have any other passions besides writing? If yes, what are they? Why?

Carlene - I absolutely love going to live music shows.  Instead of only taking camera pictures, I find a scrap of paper or napkin and doodle pics of the band as they play, scribbling pieces of their lyrics as they sing them.  I take it home and it’s a great memory to hold onto.

Laurie - I love music, and hearing it live is like nothing else.

8) What is your best memory?

Carlene - Definitely seeing hubby’s face when our son was born.  That’s one of those freeze-frame moments.

Laurie - Awwww...I love it.

9) What is your favorite comfort food?

Carlene - I’m a San Diego girl living on the east coast, and when I went home this summer, I ate rolled tacos at least four times a week.  They’re just not the same anywhere else.

Laurie - Rolled tacos...interesting.

12) What relaxes you?

Carlene - Candles, especially pine scented ones and blue lights.  I keep a white, artificial Christmas tree lit year round in my office with baby blue twinkly lights.

Laurie - A girl after my own heart, candles, year round Christmas trees...nothing better.

13) What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Carlene - Since it’s holiday time, I will freely admit to eating cans of the jellied cranberry sauce as a meal.  If they’d sell it year round, I’d eat it year round!

Laurie - There is nothing wrong with that...I love cranberries and they are absolutely full of antioxidants...LOL
14) What is your favorite way to promote your work? 

Carlene - I enjoy Twitter, Facebook, and blogging with the Waterworld Mermaids although this is the first time I’m promoting my own work so we’ll see how I do!  Honestly, I’d love to be able to physically say hello to people as well, shake hands, give hugs.  I’m a huge fan of attending San Diego Comic Con but that’s a bit dreamy of me ;)

Laurie - I have a Twitter account, but rarely use it and I fairly live on Facebook. Waterworld Mermaids sounds intriguing

15) Where is your favorite place to write? Why? 

Carlene - In my dark bedroom underneath a blanket cave I’ve just constructed.  I think I just love the night that much.

Laurie - A night owl...I can respect that since I do a lot of my own writing fat night too. There is just something about the night.

16) What was your favorite vacation?

Carlene - A couple years ago, hubby, kiddo and I went home to San Diego and attended all four days of Comic-Con.  It was amazing!  The convention center is located right there on the harbor so even if you’re stuck standing in a gargantuan line, you’ve got all that beautiful scenery to stare at.  Plus it never fails, a troop of guys dressed as the 300 Spartans will pass by.  This particular trip was so special because I got to sit in on Andy Whitfield’s last Spartacus panel. 

Laurie - OMG, what woman on earth wouldn't want to watch 300 men troop by dressed as Spartans, Oh i think I would have fainted.

17) If you had another career, what was it? 

Carlene - There was a time when I was a phlebotomist and I have to say it was a very cool job.  If I ever wrote about vampires, I’d know how to describe the popping feeling when entering a vein.

Laurie -  Oh I hate having blood drawn...lol

18) If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Carlene - For everyone to remember to Be Here, Now.

Laurie - I like that.

19) If you could describe yourself in only one word, what would it be?

Carlene - Lucky.

Laurie - Good one...I love it.

20) Are you a cat or dog person? Do you have any pets and if so, please tell us about them.

Carlene - I am an animal person.  My most recent pet is a white, gray and black hamster named Darling Depeche Mouse, named after a Sherrilyn Kenyon character and my favorite band.   I also have a pug, a bulldog, a black cat and two guinea pigs.

Laurie - And here I thought I would be the only one in the world with such a wide variety of animals in my home...LOL

21) What is the one thing you most want to do that you haven’t yet?

Carlene - Travel to England.  What kind of Depeche Mode Devotee am I if I never visit Basildon?!

Laurie - I've lived in England, when I was a young girl, my father was stationed there with the Air Force, and I can remember it being so completely awesome that I want to also visit it as an adult.

22) When the zombies take over, what will you do? 

Carlene - Feed them.  I’m a horrible cook and zombies may be the only species who might appreciate my concoctions.

Laurie - This made me laugh hard...I'm a good cook, or at least that's what I have been told, so I would be barricading myself in the house hiding from the zombies...LOL

23) Please tell us about your most recent release and where we can purchase it.

Carlene - Sure!  Sidewalk Flower is about a jaded musician’s assistant torn between the worlds of her selfish, rock star best friend and his handsome, humble cousin from Tennessee.  Released on January 11, 2013, by Evernight Publishing, it is available through Evernight Publishing, Amazon for Kindle, All Romance E-books, and BookStrand.

Laurie - It sounds wonderful.

24) Please give us your urls and your publisher’s url.


25) Is there anything else you’d like to share with your readers? Please do so here. 

Carlene - I’d like to thank them with all my heart for stopping by, taking a moment to spend with us and encourage them to let me know what they think about the book! Oh, and enjoy a live show for me wherever they are ;)

Laurie -  Thank you very much for stopping in and sharing so much with us today. I wish you luck with your wonderful new release.

Ok everyone, here are the buy links for Carlene's book, now don't forget to answer this question in the comments section “What is the best concert you’ve ever been to and why?” to qualify to try to win an eBook copy of Sidewalk Flower.

Buy Links ---

Evernight Buy link-- http://www.evernightpublishing.com/sidewalk-flower-by-carlene-love-flores/
Amazon Buy link-- http://www.amazon.com/Sidewalk-Flower-Pointe-Novel-ebook/dp/B00AZR275O/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1357905030&sr=8-16&keywords=Sidewalk+Flower
All Romance E-books Buy link-- https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-sidewalkflower-1041391-148.html
BookStrand Buy link-- http://www.bookstrand.com/term-search?term=Sidewalk+Flower

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Celebrities and their baby names 2012

Celebrities have a way about them. I think they believe they are a cut above the rest, somehow better or maybe just different from your average person. And what they name their children shows this. Here is a list of the baby names that celebrities gave their children in 2012. (got this out of Globe Magazine, and yes I know it is a tabloid...lol) Where there are two names on one line, this is the first and middle name of the child. Where there is on name, there was no middle name listed. I look over this list and I find my own name choices for my children to be relatively normal, when I thought them, at one time to be odd. My first born is Zoe Zara and my second child is Rachael Jaine.

Sebella Rose
Blue Ivy
Jonah Christopher
Beatrice Jean
Exton Elias
Elliotte Anne
Maple Sylvie
Luca Cruz
Mabel Ray
Samantha Rose
Leo Grey
Gloria Ray
Maxwell Drew
Lauryn Anabelle
Keeva Jane
Poppy James
Sky Cole
Camden Jack
Leo James
Lorenzo Dominic
Edward Duke
Finn Davey
Violet Isabel
Etta Jones
Camden John
Rocky James
Tennessee James
Noah Shannon
Spencer Frederick
Zane Alexander
Miller William
Magnus Mitchell
Ava Jaymes
Vivian Lake
Lucas Byron