Saturday, October 20, 2012

What do I stand for?

I heard a song on the computer last night on my way home from work, and quite frankly it got me thinking. The words to the song are slightly repetitive, but the song is good nonetheless. It’s the new release by FUN, I don’t know the title of it (sorry) but the words that stood out for me were simply “what do I stand for.” In part of the song it states they don’t know what they stand for. I have been full of convictions and I’ve known what I stand for, for a very long time.  So at the risk of losing some followers and maybe pissing more than one or two people off, this is what I stand for.

1)       Women’s’ rights. Now this includes but it not limited too the following---voting, working, pro-choice, marrying, having the same pay as the man next to her and the list could go on forever, let’s just say the women’s rights encompasses many thing.
2)      Voting. Yes go out and vote, if you don’t vote, you have no bloody right to complain about who is elected.
3)      Pro-choice. I say this because I believe that abortion is a choice and it should be one of the options. Now, that’s not to say that I think it should be used as a crutch or a form of birth control for women who can’t seem to keep their panties on and won’t use protection. I say this because I know someone who was raped and got pregnant. I also know someone who got pregnant and it was endangering her life. There will always be ‘circumstances’ in which abortion might be the only choice. ‘OMG, I’m only 17 and I’m pregnant.” Is not one of those circumstances. At least not to me. There are so many families out there that would gladly take an unwanted newborn. Just saying.
4)      I am Democrat. Mostly because every Republican in office thinks they are better than GOD, and they have another thing coming if they continue to think that way.
5)      I am PRO-Military…that’s not to say I am Pro-War, because I am NOT. I support our troops, I have fed our troops, I have raised the morale of our troops by sending packages. I do NOT condone the war they are in, but they are only following orders. I believe every person, if given the chance, should be allowed to serve at least of run in the military. I truly believe that if they did, there would be more discipline in the world in general.
6)      I am completely and utterly against this WAR we wage in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq or where else we might be. The Afghan people didn’t do 9-11 to us. The Iraqi people didn’t do 9-11 to us. A relatively small group of individuals FROM Iraq did 9-11 to us, yet here we are making the ENTIRE country pay for what a few people did. Quite frankly, the way I see it, this WAR is more like the United States playing GOD.
7)      I am for saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.
8)      I am for hanging up on telemarketers who are rude.
9)      I am for having my own mind, and using it.
10)   I am for President Obama.
11)   I am for the melting pot that IS America, BUT, if you choose to come here to live, you need to become a citizen, and you need to learn OUR language, not make it a requirement to learn yours.
12)   I am against all this hate spewing political adds on Facebook, as well as my TV AND my radio, and I so can not wait for the election to be done, so they will ALL just go away. I know who I am voting for, and there really is nothing anyone can do or say to change my mind on it.
13)   I stand for date nights for married people.
14)   I stand for being the best mother I can be.
15)   I stand for producing quality reading for my fans.
16)   I stand up against breast cancer, and any other cancer, and I hope to one day say I helped find that cure. (Donate to your local charities, do a breast cancer walk, do fundraising, DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to help put an end to cancer.)
17)   I am all about working hard, not getting handouts.
18)   I stand for our welfare system, for those that truly need the help, not those that abuse the programs.
19)   I stand FOR Medicaid, our elderly need it to just get by with medications and doctor’s visits. Our young need it just to be insured.
20)   I stand FOR Heath Care Reform, not all programs are wonderful when they start, but there are parts of this new health care reform that are priceless and should be kept.
21)   I stand for my family and would kill to protect them.
22)   I stand for friendships.
23)   And I stand for loved ones I have lost through the years.
I am sure that over time, I will add to this list. But for now, this is what I stand for. Like it or Lump it, I don’t care either way.

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